Brolin Week - Day One (1.08) - Funniest Brolin Moments

Let’s face facts… pretty much any brolin interaction is a funny interaction, but what gets me about this moment is their exchange on the balcony. I mean, yes, you have Bradley going out of his way to invite Colin into his room to see the spider (brilliant) and Colin: Triumphant! AND the fact that Colin is recording all of this, BUT

When they are outside, Bradley is turning back around to look at the camera as Colin is saying his now infamous "And once again, the balance is restored to nature!" Bradley looks like he is ready to say something funny and then his brain catches up to what Colin just said. Cue: full body laugh by Bradley (adorable) and What does that even mean?? and I have no idea!

This exchange is undeniably hilarious and one of my favorite brolin moments… but the fact that Bradley forgets what he is about to say and doubles over in laughter just speaks volumes about their chemistry and how they feel about each other. Others may have continued with what they were about to say and laughed at Colin’s comment afterwards. Or, with someone other than Bradley, Colin may not have felt comfortable saying something so totally goofy, and then admit he had no idea what he just said! I don’t know… I would love to know what Bradley was about to say, but what we got here is just soooo much better! ♥

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This is a cropped photo taken from the play Bite of the Night, which was performed by RSAMD students at The Chandler Studio in Glasgow in the Autumn of 2005. (The date the source page gives is 1 Oct 2005)

It’s unclear if this photo was taken during rehearsals or during the performance, but…

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Testament of Youth trailer

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cloysterbell and I were talking about proposal via puppies and also sometimes I cry a lot (T‿T✿) The contents of my inbox are always so great all the time.

(Puppy AU for the uninitiated) 

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Merlin Prison AU

Arthur is a Prison Officer at Camelot Penitentiary, a place where his father Uther is the warden and the prisoners are all illegal magic users. He initially thinks the incarcerated men and women are all monsters until he meets their leader Merlin, who changes everything Arthur believed about magic. Before he knows it, they’re working together to bring the prison down. 

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Fluffy hair and facial scruff … Colin’s best look.

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I’m too young to die

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I seriously don’t have a clue 

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